Our dear Anna, taken from us too soon, a waste of a truly special individual.

The kindest soul, gentle and caring to the core. Her giggles, smile and sarcastic wit would light up a room. She was dedicated and hardworking, would never take a day off, but if she did you could be sure to find her in her pink spotty dressing gown.

 Effortlessly bright, her patients were lucky to have her. She is and always will be the best daughter, partner, auntie, sister, granddaughter, niece and so much more. The list could go on because she was truly beloved by all. Anyone who got to meet our Anna Spanner is truly blessed.


Thank You!

I wanted to thank each one of you who has shared memories of Anna with us and for the donations that you made. We raised £1250 in total and have donated £250 to The Addenbrookes Charitable Trust and £1000 to CamCycle. In addition to the ghost bike, a tree has been planted near where Anna passed as a safe place to go to remember her. 

At such a difficult time the memories you have shared have brought me comfort. I always used to tell Anna that she was special and how proud of her I was and still am and you have all paid testament to the truth of that. “See Anna I was right!”  Anna wanted to travel so if you find yourselves in far of places remember her with a smile.

Sally, Annas Mum

We, Anna's family, have put this website together as a way for people to leave messages and memories of Anna. We would like to thank everyone for their support, all the messages, thoughts, cards, and flowers. Remembering Anna and sharing memories of her is helping us all through an impossible time.

If you would like to make a donation to our planting of a tree and celebration of Anna's life, then you can also do this here. Any remaining donations will be gifted to charity.

Thank You x

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In Memory of Anna and in celebration of her life we are going to plant a tree. This will be something we can all visit and watch grow as we remember Anna.

Any leftover donations will be given to CAM Cycle, a cycling campaign group based in Cambridge. CAM Cycle are the wonderful people behind the ghost bike, placed near the scene of the accident in memory of Anna. Also to the Addenbrookes Charitable trust, the hospital where she was working as a Physiotherapist.

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LEFT: The ghost bike, kindly left by CAM Cycle, RIGHT: Tributes left at the scene

CAM Cycle

Camcycle (the Cambridge Cycling Campaign) is a local charity which has been working for more, better and safer cycling in the Cambridge area since 1995.

Our work is guided by the board of trustees and our staff team with much of what we do achieved by our dedicated volunteers.

Many of the cycle facilities such as paths, lanes, traffic signals, bridges and cycle parks in the region would not exist without the campaigning of our members.

Memories of Anna

We have started a collection of some of our favourite photos of Anna . We would love it if you could add your own using the form above and we will add them to this gallery.